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TESOL Course
by Craig Grigg - Thursday, 29 June 2017, 11:20 PM

The Foundation for English Language Teaching Pty. Ltd. t/a Queensland Institute of English 


Queensland Institute of English RTO #41553

For information regarding TESOL courses, or to enrol, email us at info.qieonline@gmail.com


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New QIE host and upgrade
by Admin User - Thursday, 11 July 2013, 01:00 PM

Hi all. We have moved the site to a new hosting provider and tidied up the domain name(queenslandinstituteofenglish.net). Hopefully this will provide more reliable service in the future. The software running this site has also been upgraded. Hopefull there shouldn't be any changes to the course or any problems... but computers are computers... If anything doesn't seem to be working, please let me know and I will do what I can ASAP.

Saul (site administrator)


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Available courses

  • In this introductory unit, we start with some essential underpinning knowledge regarding how the teaching and learning process works when applied to languages.

    Self enrolment
  • In this section you will be working on understanding grammatical concepts with a view to their 'practical' application in the ESL classroom.

    Self enrolment
  • A teacher need not only focus on the content of the lessons - he/she also needs to understand the classroom environment, its dynamics and use the available resources to the advantage of the students. This unit will discuss realistic ways in which we can do this.

    Self enrolment
  • Lesson planning is an essential tool for English teachers. This unit will assist trainee TESOL teachers with exploring lesson plan formats that suit your individual needs; also covered is how our plans can be sequenced in order to ensure flow from one lesson to the next and thus meet the objectives of the language program being taught.

  • This Unit explores the theory behind teaching methodology - Following an in-depth review of literature on the difference between adult and children language learners we will explore current theories of language learning methods/approaches - A majority of these methods will be practiced/demonstrated at the practical skills workshop.

  • Most ESL/EFL institutes rely heavily on coursebooks as a tool of language instruction. How a teacher presents this material will have a a huge bearing on the effectiveness of his/her lessons. In this unit you will explore ways in which you can approach the task of 'unpacking' coursebook materials and applying/adjusting their contents to suit the practical needs of your students.

  • In units JT02 and JT05 we have observed both the grammatical and specific aspects of language; now we will explore how to convey this information in a classroom setting. Topics addressed include matters such as: Explaining meaning/language construction and Examples of Language System Teaching. In addition, we will approach the matter of how to correct student error in an effective way.

  • This unit will provide excellent information on how to teach Listening and Speaking in an engaging manner.

  • This unit teaches you how to teach Reading and Writing. After this unit you will have lots of great 'practical' methods/ideas you will be able to implement in a real classroom environment.

  • Designing a language test is alot trickier than you may think. What are the reasons for language testing? What makes a good test? How can we design them? This unit will reveal the answers.

  • Many teachers are not simply called on to just teach to a set curriculum. This unit will equip you with the necessary tools/ideas to ensure that if you are asked to design a program it will be effective and engaging to the students involved.

  • This unit will create awareness of the role that a thorough course evaluation should have on your programs and/or lessons. Not only can you gauge your own effectiveness, but future students in your care will achieve greater satisfaction/results.


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is an enjoyable and fullfilling career. Earning this qualification can open doors to work in almost any continent on earth. We hope you enjoy the course as much as we enjoy delivering it.

The Queensland Institute of English TESOL team



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